Archived Notices


SL Date Description
1. 01-07-2015 संकल्प 5931(S) - पन्‍द्रह लाख या उससे कम प्राक्‍कलित राशि के कार्यो में पचास प्रतिशत आरक्षण के संबंध में.
2. 24-06-2015 संकल्प 5676(S) - बिहार लोक निर्माण विभाग संहिता की कंडिका 159(क)(1) एवं 159(ख) में संशोधन के संबंध में.
3. 18-06-2015 ज्ञापांक 5403(S) - बिहार ठीकेदारी निबंधन नियमावली, 2007 के तहत निबंधित ठीकेदारों का नाम कालीसूची में डालने/निश्चित अवधि के लिए निलम्बित करने अथवा अपने श्रेणी के नीचे के श्रेणी में पदानवत करने के प्रावधानों के संबंध में दिशा-निर्देश.
4. 29-10-2012 मुख्य-मंत्री सेतु निर्माण योजना की मार्गदर्शिका. (Guidelines for MMSNY).
5. 25-09-2012 बिहार राज्य के विभिन्न जिलों के अंतर्गत पत्थर भण्डारण अनुज्ञप्तियों एवं पत्थर खनन पट्टी/बन्दोबस्त  भूखण्डों की विवरणी.
6. 24-07-2012 8131(S): Guidelines related to Joint Venture participation in standard bidding process of Tenders.
7. 14-12-2011 Regarding publication of Work-order/Contracts exceeding value of Rs. 10 Lakhs on the departmental website.
8. 13-12-2011 Regarding usage of Unicode 5.1.0 for all kinds of work in Devnagiri/Hindi.
9. 02-08-2011 Letter No. 8617: Publication or RTI related matters on the website for benefit of the public.
10. 30-06-2011 Letter No. 7435: Regarding effective implementation of Right to Information Act, 2005.
11. 08-09-2010 13393(S): Corrections in the Civil List 2010 of all officers of RCD under Bihar Engineering (Civil) Services.
12. 02-08-2010 Civil-List (2010) all officers of RCD under Bihar Engineering (Civil) Services.
13. 19-07-2010 Bihar Executive Business Rules 1979 (Revision).
14. 28-04-2010 Letter No. 6109(S): Regarding control of rise in the height of road surface in cities and towns.
15. 26-04-2010 Letter No. 1533(E): Directions issued by Hon'ble Patna High Court with respect to keeping the height of road surface not above the plinth height of neibouring houses.  
16. 14-04-2010 Letter No. 210: Gradation List of Members of all grades of Bihar Engineering (Civil) Services working with Road Construction Department as on 01-03-2010.
17. 04-09-2009 Important: Procurement of Works costing more than Rs. 25 Lakhs are to be processed through e-Tendering only.
18. 17-08-2009 Updated and Corrected Seniority/Gradation List of SE, EE, JE, etc. released by RCD.
19. 10-08-2009 Registration Form for Digital Signature Certificate [Individuals].
20. 30-04-2009 Seniority List of Chief Engineers, Superintendent Engineers and Executive Engineers with Road Construction Dept.
21. 13-05-2008 Gradation List of Assistant Engineers with RCD.
22. 08-04-2008 Road Statistics - State and National Highways.
23. 19-03-2008 Bihar Contractor Registration Rules 2007.

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