Training, Testing & Research Institute


Testing and Research Institute, PWD, Bihar, Patna was set up by Govt. of Bihar vide Memo No. E/E1-109/62-PWD-22895, Patna, dated 11th August, 1962. Provision of funds to the tune of Rs. 2,72,000/- was made in the SCW Budget for 1962-63 under item 868. Further in 1966, Training Centre was created vide Govt. of Bihar order no. 10936 dated 28-04-1966.




1. Testing and Research Institute

2. Training and Research Institute



The Training, Testing and Research Institute's main activities are:

  Quality Test Reports - Provided by the Division and by the Contractor.


  List of Apparatus for Road Division & NH Work Division, RCD, Bihar.


  Training Programs conducted by TRI during 2015-16.


Training is being planned from Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi and Engineering Staff College of India, Hyderabad etc. Abroad training program for Road/Bridge Engineer is also in pipeline.